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news and sports streaming cdn
News and sports
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Church and Worship
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Educators and coaches
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Sporting events streaming

Live Streaming CDN Features

ultra low latency streaming cdn
Ultra Low Latency
Delays are under 2 seconds. If you need real real-time streaming, Castr is built to make it happen.
adaptive bitrate streaming cdn
Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
Optimize your stream for every viewer according to their connection speeds with adaptive bitrate streaming, and ensure that every viewer has the best experience possible on their network.
record live stream to cloud
Cloud recording
Storing video streams takes up a lot of space. We use the cloud so you never have to count gigabytes.
embed live stream service
Embedded player
Your streams are your streams. They don’t belong to any other platform. Because Castr gives you full control, you can embed them anywhere. That way, you can monetize them how you want.
hls url restream and output
Streaming to mobile devices, Roku, or other platforms? With an HLS URL, your streams can be made available in almost any platforms.
live rtmp, hls, mpegts ingest
Multiple ingest
Castr can ingest and restream HLS, RTMP, and MPEG-TS streams. Not every service can say that.
live stream rewind embed
Live Stream Rewind
Users don’t always watch on your schedule, but with Castr’s rewind function, they can show up at anytime and start from the beginning. They won’t miss a second.
live stream timeshift
Timeshift Streaming
Have a multinational audience? Use Castr’s timeshift feature to go live when you want, where you want.

Clear and simple pricing

No contracts. No surprises.
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concurrent viewers

Live Stream Features
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Streaming
  • Unlimited Stream Hours
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • CDN Delivery
  • Multi-site Streaming
4 Hours Rewind
Live Embedding
All plans include
live stream rewind Four hours rewind
no ads live streaming No ads
live stream protection Peak protection
live streaming unlimited bandwidth No commitments
cheap live stream service Transparent pricing

Church Streaming Service

Stream to your flock with Castr! We live stream services from a variety of denominations. For churches, temples, mosques, or other forms of spiritual fellowship, Castr is a flexible solution that puts the power in your hands.

Custom Streaming Solutions

If you don’t see what you want, please contact us. We develop custom end-to-end solutions to meet your needs, whatever they are. Whether you’ve got a big audience and need to scale up, you’re interested in a white label partnership, or you’ve got different needs, we can help.

A thousand viewers? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? The whole world?

Castr can handle it.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you bill for bandwidth?
No, we don’t. In our experience, bandwidth pricing is overly complicated and leads to surprise bills, which nobody likes. Our pricing is based on concurrent viewers. That’s it! Total transparency and no surprises.
Are there limits on bitrates?
We don’t strictly limit bitrates, but under 6 Mbps is recommended. Please contact us if you need assistance with stream optimization or providing high definition at lower bitrates.
Can I stream in 4K UHD?
Go for it! There are no limits placed on streaming resolutions.
What happens if I exceed my plan’s concurrent user limit?
Congratulations on your growing audience! The limit is soft. If you exceed it, we will notify you and offer you a chance to upgrade to keep streaming seamlessly to your newfound viewers.
Are streams delivered via CDN?
We have 18 Points of Presence in our global Content Delivery Network, along with P2P CDN functionality. This enables us to provide high level performance. Give Castr a multi-location test and see for yourself!
Can I restream to other platforms?
Yes, up to 5. This is included in all packages. You can stream to Facebook, YouTube, and other custom RTMP locations of your choice.
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