IP Camera Live Streaming
and Storage

IP Camera Live Streaming & Storage

Embed Live IP Camera streams on your websites and
mobile apps using Castr.

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IP Camera Streaming Features

Lower bandwidth
Only a single connection from your camera to our servers. Support unlimited viewers even with a slow internet connection
Cloud storage
Don’t worry about your disk space or the onboard memory card on your camera. Prevent loss of data by backing up to the cloud
Simulcast IP Camera streams to social media platforms
Camera health check
Castr monitors your streams 24x7, get instant notification if one of your cameras goes offline
Pull RTSP Stream From Any IP Camera
Most IP Cameras comes with RTSP support, we can pull RTSP stream directly to Castr and provide you HLS embed player
Unlimited concurrent
Ingest RTSP streams from your IP Cameras and Castr can redistribute that stream to multiple users without any limits
We build customized web-tools and solutions for out of the box solution for your IP Camera business

Clear and simple pricing

No surprises. No Hidden Charges
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IP Camera Features
  • Unlimited Viewers
  • Pull RTSP From Camera
  • Simulcast to Social Platforms
  • Time lapse Generation
  • Cloud Recording and storage
Live Embedding
0 GB Cloud Storage

Frequently asked questions

What cameras do Castr work with?
We support all IP cameras with RTSP support.. Most IP cameras have this so chances are yours is supported. If you’re not sure if your camera is supported contact us and we’ll get back to you
Where can I stream to?
You can stream to your own website or to social platforms using Castr
Can i get HLS URL for the Cameras?
Yes we can provide you HLS URL’s for the Cameras
Can I make time lapses?
Yes, you can generate a timelapse video from the existing stored cloud recordings
How much cloud storage do I get?
Archive depth — 12+ month's worth of content or more, we can customize it as per your requirement. We can also link the storages to your cloud services like S3, Swift, etc.
What protocols do you support?
For IP Camera’s we support RTSP, if you have a different input then contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

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