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VOD Hosting and Livestreaming: Why Not Both?3 min read

February 16, 2021 3 min read
Livestreaming vs. VOD Hosting

VOD Hosting and Livestreaming: Why Not Both?3 min read

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The concept of hosting videos on demand has become familiar for video producers and business owners in recent years. In the new digital media era, video is the best means to deliver content, attract new customers, and grow your brand effortlessly. However, there are many ways to share videos for different applications and needs: live video streaming, social media sharing, and video-on-demand hosting.

The definition of video on demand is the technology that supports viewing access for anyone, anywhere, and with any device. Hosting video on demand is a versatile concept that allows for flexible monetization and promotion strategies. 

There is SVOD, which is the subscription model applied by Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu. Meanwhile, YouTube, another popular video-on-demand platform, applies the AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand). It offers videos for free and earns profits through ad placement and viewer base. The last type of VOD hosting is TVOD, or Transactional Video Hosting, is the concept of allowing users to purchase each piece of video content separately and keep the content forever.  

The Rising Trend of Hosting Video on Demand

People have changed their viewing habits. Now, up to 80% of global respondents prefer VOD to traditional TV. Among that, the majority of content users enjoy on-demand movies and TV programs. One suitable explanation for this shift in reference is that videos on demand allow for more convenience to watch any videos at any time, rather than the fixed schedule of traditional TV.

Besides the benefit of convenience, a video-on-demand streaming platform makes it possible for you to build a strong community around it. Take Netflix as an example: they have slowly yet successfully built a strong community around the movies and shows they produced and host on their platform.


Livestreaming vs. VOD Hosting: Why not both?

While livestreaming and VOD Hosting seem to be opposite terms, the two should not be exclusive of each other. A hybrid of both models maximizes the views, improves accessibility for your content, and helps engage with the viewers effectively.

Here are a few reasons why you should combine livestreaming with VOD hosting practices:

  • Livestreaming can create real-time engagement with the viewers, then hosting it as a video on demand make helpful information available and improve brand recall.
  • After the broadcast event, turning the live videos into VOD content makes people return to re-watch or share further to their community and make your audience bigger.
  • Provide better values for the users with both live interaction and easy access video content on all kinds of devices.


There’s no doubt that livestreaming is gaining huge traction in recent years as people are getting more connected on the Internet. However, videos on demand have their own charms to reach viewers and grow a strong community for businesses and branding efforts.

Note that you will need a well-planned video marketing strategy to combine both methods. First, consider how you want to present it to your audience. Then decide the practices you need to deliver high-quality and valued content. Lastly, it is to be flexible in using just one or both approaches for your next campaign. It is completely up to you to get the best outcome for your work!

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