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Stream to LinkedIn Live Using RTMP is Now Possible!2 min read

April 15, 2021 3 min read
Stream from Castr to LinkedIn Live

Stream to LinkedIn Live Using RTMP is Now Possible!2 min read

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Since its release, LinkedIn Live has become a powerful platform for businesses to livestream events and stay connected with their customers. With their latest release of the custom RTMP connection for livestreaming, connecting and sending streams from Castr to LinkedIn Live is now easier than ever.

How to Stream from Castr to LinkedIn Live

To get started with livestreaming on the platform, you need to be an approved LinkedIn Live broadcaster. Using LinkedIn Live, the authorized members and organizations can stream live video content to a LinkedIn Page, profile, or LinkedIn Event. 

Here’s a quick tutorial to begin setting up for livestreaming from Castr to LinkedIn Live.

  1. Go to LinkedIn’s custom stream page
  2. In New Stream, click Go live now
  3. In Create a Post, fill in all the details of your stream, including the LinkedIn profile or page you are streaming to, the stream’s title, and the description
  4. In the Stream Settings tab, pick the region that is closest to your location
  5. The platform will provide you with a Stream Key and Stream URL 
  6. Once you have had the above details, go to Castr’s Stream Dashboard
  7. Click Add Platform, choose LinkedIn
  8. Enter the Stream URL (Stream Server) and Streaming Key 

Stream from Castr to LinkedIn Live9. Click Create Platform to complete the connection

10. When you begin multistreaming from Castr, you can see the preview video on LinkedIn’s custom stream page. When you are ready, click Go Live to start streaming.

You have successfully added LinkedIn Live as a new platform in Castr. Plus, you can easily add more destinations to expand your reach on more platforms with multistreaming. If you need more help, check out LinkedIn’s Help Center, or contact our 24/7 support.

Why Livestreaming to LinkedIn Live Video?

LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals and organizations to connect, promote, and expand connections with other business-oriented users. Since the social platform released native video support in 2017, it has grown to become the fastest-growing format used by more than 600 million users.

Live videos on LinkedIn have been reported to generate seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than native videos published by the same broadcasters. However, this is not the full potential of this improvement, as videos are an effective means to boost engagement and revenue for businesses and communities on the platform. 

With the most recent release of RTMP video livestreaming, this is a not-to-be-missed platform for brands or individuals that wants to grow rapidly leveraging professional connections. There is even more potential if you combine LinkedIn Live with other platforms using Castr multistreaming solutions

Make sure you stay tuned for more updates on streaming live videos on LinkedIn and the best practices for delivering successful events with Castr.

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