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You Can Now Request Features and Report Issues to Castr2 min read

August 12, 2020 3 min read

You Can Now Request Features and Report Issues to Castr2 min read

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Have a new feature request, an issue report, or general feedback on product improvement? Bring them to us!

We have recently integrated Acute into our live chat system to create a more dedicated channel for our users to communicate with the product team. It is now possible to contribute to the future of Castr and become a part of our streaming community.

Submit feedback to improve Castr products

You can submit requests in two ways: through Castr 24/7 live chat, or via our feedback hub. To submit feedback on Castr 24/7 live chat,

Step 1: Go to Castr’s homepage:
Step 2: At the bottom-right corner, a pop-up chatbox will appear. Click Suggest something.

suggest-feature-screenshot-3Note: If the chatbox does not show up, you can find the 24×7 Support text on the Castr homepage and click on it.


Step 3: You’ll be directed to the Suggestions list. Here you’ll find idea items suggested by other users.
Step 4: To add a new topic idea, click Make a suggestion.


Step 5: Fill out the form. Add your general comments on the product or suggest improvements on how to make Castr better. If you found a bug in our system, please let us know as well—our team will “catch ‘em all”! Here are some guidelines on how to suggest a feature in brief:

    • Feature description: What is this feature about? What does it do?
    • Feature values: Why do you think this feature is valuable?

Engage in discussions with other users

You may also comment on a submitted topic idea with your fellow users. From the chatbox, go to Suggest something > click on a topic and share your thoughts!

Don’t worry if your feedback contradicts others’ ideas. Our team will read through all comments before applying them to our product roadmap.


Upvote an idea

If there’s a suggestion or idea that you’d like to see in Castr’s future release, you can also cast an upvote. This feature is available in both the chatbox and our feedback hub here.


What happens next?

Once your request has been submitted to the Suggestions list, our product team will evaluate each suggestion. In cases of technical defects, our team will fix them in the earliest manner.

For the requested features, we will take into account the possibilities of implementation. You will also find the status updates of each suggestion here. If any new features are added in our next release, you will definitely hear from us.

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