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How to Get RTMP Pull Link for Your Stream on Castr2 min read

November 14, 2020 2 min read
How to get RTMP details for streaming Castr

How to Get RTMP Pull Link for Your Stream on Castr2 min read

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This short tutorial will show you how to get the RTMP Pull link for your video stream in Castr’s dashboard.

Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) has become a common workflow often used for low-latency streaming. RTMP is a protocol for streaming video, audio, and other types of data over the internet. The significant advantages of using this protocol are in persistent stream connections and low-latency communication.

An RTMP Pull URL is a link of your livestream that you can use to “pull” your video to another broadcast. The best use case for RTMP Pulls is when there are multiple streams in one broadcast session, for example, concerts, cross-region events, live interviews, sports events, or even game streaming. 

By using RTMP links, you can compile multiple windows on your main screen to bring variety to your video content and keep your audience engaged. 

How to Get RTMP Pull URL in Castr

The RTMP Pull feature is available in all Castr’s Multistream plans. It’s also available in the Livestream plans upon request.

Get RTMP URL in Multistream Plans

Once you’ve created a new multistream, Castr will provide you with a unique RTMP entry point to configure in your software or hardware encoders. 

  1. Go to your Castr’s dashboard and open your multistream (simulcast) project 
  2. On the right menu, you will see the Get RTMP Pull button
  3. Copy and paste it into your encoder

Once the encoder is configured, you will be able to start streaming. The stream will appear in the preview section in Castr Dashboard. 

how to get rtmp castr

Incorporating RTMP Pull links into your stream can help you configure more complex stream setups and avoid having one single monotonous screen throughout the video. If you have any further questions, reach out to our 24/7 Support team via Castr’s live chat.

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