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Castr Adds as New Publish Destination2 min read

August 20, 2020 2 min read

Castr Adds as New Publish Destination2 min read

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What’s better than livestreaming high-definition videos? Answer: Livestreaming high-definition videos while earning cryptocurrency from THETA Network.

We’re thrilled to share with you that Castr recently added into our multistream destinations list. 

From now on, fanatical game streamers can livestream from Castr to the growing blockchain-integrated streaming platformalong with other 30+ platforms that Castr provides. From, streamers can earn cryptocurrency to spend on subscriptions, merchandise, or gaming gears. is an emerging platform dedicated to watching game streams, interacting with other game enthusiasts, and supporting streamers through subscriptions and donations of TFuel. TFuel, or Theta Fuel, is a real-world cryptocurrency that users can earn by watching streams. As viewers watch game streams, will extract the excess upload bandwidth to share the stream with other viewers.

Castr x Technology Highlights

  • Livestream to multiple gaming platforms including Facebook Gaming, YouTube Live, Twitch,, and so on.
  • Reach more audiences and viewership with game multistreaming 
  • Broadcast high-quality and low-latency video streams
  • Watch streams on to earn real cryptocurrency (TFuel) by sharing upload bandwidth
  • Follow and support the top game streamers 
  • Stream and view streams 24/7, and many other perks! 

How to Stream from Castr to

  1. Obtain a streaming key from THETA
    To get a THETA stream key, post a tweet on Twitter or a photo/video on Instagram that says why you want to stream on Include the hashtag #StreamKeyPlz and your username in the post.
  2. Log in to your Castr dashboard 
  3. Go to your Livestream or Multistream (Simulcast) project > click on the Add Publish Platform button
  4. Choose the icon
  5. Choose your closest streaming server location
  6. Paste the THETA streaming key into Castr
  7. Click Save and your Castr account is connected to

Join 200,000+ streamers worldwide

With Castr, you can easily livestream and multistream videos to 40+ platforms. No Castr branding. No commitment. Cancel anytime.  

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