Castr - The Best Dacast Alternative

Castr vs. Dacast 2021 comparison

With Castr, you get
4k quality streams
with 5x more player bandwidth.

Plus more additional features. All at a lower price.


Plan type: Entry

  • HTML5 Player bandwidth: 6 TB per year
  • Video Hosting Storage: 25 GB
  • Unlimited Concurrent Viewers
  • 4K quality streams
  • 24/7 Dedicated Tech Support
  • Akamai / Fastly CDN
  • Ad-free streaming
  • No contract
  • Paywall on all plans
  • In-stream ads on player
  • Multistream to 30+ social platforms at once



Plan type: Starter

  • HTML5 Player bandwidth: 1.2 TB per year
  • Video Hosting Storage: 50 GB
  • Unlimited Concurrent Viewers
  • Full 1080p HD streams
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Limelight CDN
  • Ad-free streaming
  • 3 months contract
  • No paywall for starter plan
  • No In-stream ads for starter plan
  • No multistream feature


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Castr vs. Dacast: Similarities and Differences


Both Castr and Dacast let you host livestreams on your website using HTML5 player, together with monetization tools like paywall and in-stream ads.


With Castr, you get 4k quality streams, 5x more bandwidth, plus the multistreaming feature which makes it easier to multiply the number of people watching your stream.
And the best part – all these things come at a lower price!

Castr is the best Dacast alternative for video streaming

A Live Streaming Platform without Contract

The thought of signing up for yet another service or commitment can send anxiety and panic through your veins. We get it, which is why we’re different from any video streaming service.
You don’t need a contract to get started with us. Sign up and cancel anytime if you’re not happy – there won’t be any commitment involved in the process.

24/7 dedicated tech support via Slack, Skype and Whatsapp

24/7 dedicated tech support via Slack, Skype and Whatsapp

We know how stressful it can be to plan a big live event. Let our dedicated team of experts take care of everything to make sure that your live event goes smoothly on its way in and out. 
Other companies may charge additional fee for tech support, but we don’t. We’re committed to offer our customers 24/7 high-quality tech support without any extra fee for a live video streaming solution.

Monetization Models with Paywall & in-stream ads

Castr’s monetization tools with paywall and in-stream ads are available for all plans.
Creators can now benefit from a range of monetization options including

pay-per-view, subscription and in-stream advertising. 

Stable and high-quality streams

Stable and
high-quality streams

Castr is Dacast’s best alternative that offers a seamless video streaming service with Akamai and Fastly CDN, delivering 4k quality content for any time or occasion.

Stream online video to your own website and 30+ social channels at once

You can host livestreams on your website using our HTML5 player, but why stop there if you can also multistream to 30+ social channels at the same time? Which is like multiplying how many viewers you get to 10.


Your own brand on your videos

Leave lasting impressions with your awesome videos because your viewers know exactly who is behind these fantastic content.

You get full control of what your viewers will see when they’re watching, whether it’s your brand, website URL or messages.

SRT support

Castr supports streaming through the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol – offering a more optimized viewing experience over unstable networks, so your viewers can enjoy your live streams anytime and anywhere without interruption.

SRT support

Castr vs. Dacast:
Features Comparison


Main features

Embeddable HTML5 Player

Stream Quality


Full HD


From 6 TB/year (Entry plan)

From 1.2 TB/year (Starter plan)

VOD storage

From 25 GB (Entry plan)

From 50 GB (Starter plan)


All plans

Only in premium plans

In-stream Ads

All plans

Only in premium plans



from $37.5/mo

from $39/mo

24/7 dedicated tech support via

slack, skype, whatsapp

CDN Delivery

Akamai / Fastly



No Contract

3 months contract

Adaptive bitrate (ABR)



Multi Ingest (RTMP, RTSP, SRT,


Multi Output (HLS, DASH, RTMP)

Only HLS


Only in premium plan

Live to VOD

Live Rewind

4+ Hours (Customizable)

Live Guest Chat

Geo-restriction, domain control

Geo-restriction, domain control

Password protection

Livestream Analytics

Bandwidth Charges


"The Castr restreaming product was very easy to set up and works flawlessly. We use it every night to live stream our 10pm newscast on YouTube and Facebook. In addition, the low cost of the service was a big bonus for what is a very robust and mature product."

"We are using for our live stream productions without any problems, the latency is great and the fact they have servers around the globe allows for stable streams even from the US to Europe, etc. For our usage, is perfect as it offers everything we need and nothing more on a stable, easy to use platform."

"Adding your platforms to Castr is easy as 1, 2, 3. Their no fuse way of adding platforms makes it so easy to do that I had it done within 3 minutes. When looking for a solutions to livestream to both Facebook and YouTube, we came across Castr and it solved all of our issues. We love the fact that it doesn't required you to put any of their branding in the descriptions."

"We use this service daily and this is already part of our workflow! It offers a clever alternative to slow internet connection when one need to stream to various channels and is very easy to use. We user Castr to deliver our content 24/7 to different platforms, it makes our workflow much simpler, we save internet bandwidth and hardware stress"

"The ability to have an uploaded pre-recorded video scheduled to stream live with just 3 mins notice is really useful for failsafe option. Internet gremlins can always get in the way during a live event, so I find this quick scheduling option to be really useful and the main reason I stuck to Castr and not their competition."

Frequently asked questions

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Using Castr Simulcast, you can stream to multiple social platforms. You can also enable and disable platforms on the fly.

Castr Live Streaming CDN feature provides a fully white-label player that you can embed on your website.

Castr Simulcast is the easiest way for you to live stream to 30+ channels at once. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, and others— at the same time. Don’t worry about where you have the biggest audience, just stream everywhere.

There are no limits on streaming, and you can stream 24x7 without any restrictions on any of our plans.

Yes, you can stream to a custom RTMP Destination by configuring a custom platform in the Castr dashboard.

Yes, you can upload video files in Castr and get an embeddable player and HLS URL for the uploaded video file.

Castr Simulcast is the easiest way for you to live stream to 30+ channels at once. Stream to YouTube, Facebook, and others— at the same time. Don’t worry about where you have the biggest audience, just stream everywhere.

Yes, all live video streams get delivered via Akamai CDN. We bet there won’t be any buffering.

We transcode the streams in the cloud and you have the option to enable and disable adaptive bitrate streaming options for your live streams.

Yes, we do, when you upload a video, you will get the option to choose the resolutions to which the videos need to be encoded.

We don’t like to surprise you with overage charges, by default, the streams will get stopped if you hit the limits. If you have mission-critical streams and planning to stream to a large audience, do let us know and we will plan something for you.

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