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Stream for free to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other popular platforms simultaneously with Castr.

Streaming from mobile? No problem, Castr got you covered!

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Castr's Live Streaming Platform
Take control of your stream with our flexible, full-featured livestreaming platform.
What Makes Castr So Amazing?
restream to multiple sites simultaneously

Stream to multiple sites

You don't even have to restart your streaming software or the encoder. Just add platforms and keep streaming.
low latency restreaming
Low Latency
Castr's data centers are located in key regions around the world to ensure low latency streaming. No matter where you are, we have a datacenter close to you.
custom rtmp ingest server
Custom RTMP
Want to stream to a private server or platforms outside the Castr universe? Custom RTMP packages are available.
camera restreaming
In party with another streamer? Want to deliver a single stream to viewers? Castr offers packages that allow you to combine your streams seamlessly for an optimal viewer experience.
camera restreaming
Cloud recording
Storing video streams takes up a lot of space. We use the cloud so you never have to count gigabytes.
camera restreaming
Multiple ingest
Castr can ingest and restream HLS, RTMP, and MPEG-TS streams. Not every service can say that.

multi restreaming support
Need help?
Having trouble configuring things? Looking for a custom solution? Our team can help.

5 Publishing Locations
Multiple Ingest (RTSP, RTMP & More)
1 Facebook Channel
1 Custom RTMP
Broadcast x2
10 Publishing Locations
Multiple Ingest (RTSP, RTMP & More)
2 Facebook Channel
2 Custom RTMP
IP Camera Restreaming
Two Ingest Points
Unlimited Locations
Multiple Ingest (RTSP, RTMP & More)
5 Facebook Channel
5 Custom RTMP
IP Camera Restreaming
Five Ingest Points

Frequently asked questions
What does Castr cost?
Streaming to multiple platforms is free. Access to additional features is available through our paid packages above.
What are Castr's delays?
With current technology, we're able to offer streaming with less than two seconds of delay. You'll always be on the same page as your audience.
Can I stream IP Cameras?
Yes! Castr supports RTSP ingest, using RTSP ingest you can pull RTSP URLs directly to our servers and then restream it to multiple platforms.
Do you run any ads?
Castr does not and will not run preroll ads on your stream.
What are your bitrate limits?
There are none!
Can I stream 24/7?
No problem. If you need to run a marathon event, Castr can handle it.